Don’t be neutral!

20 mayo, 2013
art opening barcelona

In this attitude Galería Maxó, in collaboration with Blipoint, is happy to invite you to the first exposition of photography this season. Opening of “Fotoemotion”, works of professional photographers form all over the world, will take place on 23rd of May in Galería Maxó.

Does the intercultural background matter once we talk about emotion? Do people from big city and from the village express their emotions in the same way? What are the differences between emotions you can see in Iran or Belarus? – That all refers to a word “Emotion” – the only link, which was given for participants of competition.  The questions will be shown in works of 18 finalists from Iran, Bangladesh, Italy, Romania, Venezuela, Greece, Belarus and Spain.

“We go through specific emotions every day of our life. Although to catch a real and natural emotion is not easy. That’s why we were very happy to receive so many different works from all over the world. To select the winners of the competition wasn’t easy, but we hope to show you the best ones” – says Liliana Castillo, organizer of “Fotoemotion”.

Also Emotion is exactly what Galería Maxó attempts to induce for its visitors. “I like to notice various reactions of people. Faces are the best litmus to my art. And even if person doesn’t like something, I am happy to cause an emotion. To be neutral is the worst” – saying Maxó Rennella, the owner of the art gallery in EL Born.

“Fotoemotion” will be opened on Thursday, 23st of May, 19:30h at Galería Maxó (c/Portal Nou 29). Entrance is free.

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art opening barcelona

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